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Chicken Skillet Dinner

I’m really into easy dinners. Very few of my dinners are really complicated, and if they are, they’re really good. Sometimes, I just need a quick dinner without much fuss. But every once in awhile, I make a no fuss dinner which tastes as good as a complicated meal. This is one of those unicorn recipes.

Best Chocolate Cake, Vegan Version too!

This dense yet fluffy, dark chocolate cake ticks all the boxes of a cake with purpose, not just a  carrier for sweet sweet frosting or a companion to ice cream. This cake can be the whole show, icing or not. It has a deep chocolate taste enhanced by coffee. Seriously, stop what you’re doing and make it.

Garlic Hummus

Hummus is one of those things that is a great addition to any boat party and is handy to have around if unexpected guests arrive. Bring homemade hummus to a boat friend and they’ll love you forever!

Sparkling Water on a Boat

This post is in conjunction with a YouTube video tutorial. Sparkling water, fizzy water, bubbly water, charged water; whatever you call it, it's a necessary thing for us on our boat. For us, having loads of cans or bottles of sparkling water on board just does not make sense. The life cycle of us buying it from the store, hauling it back to the boat, storing it before we drink it, storing the waste it creates, and hauling that waste to shore does nothing for our efficiency. 

Pillowy Honey, Apple, Cranberry Challah

For some reason, I’ve been day dreaming of challah for two days: thinking if pillowy, shiny brown mounds of the plaited loaf, full of some sweet filling and swirling with flavor. I realized Rosh Hashanah was approaching, calling to me, and although I’m not Jewish, I can appreciate holidays that require round, sweet breads to celebrate. 

Best, Most Perfect Pie Crust

I wasn’t ever going to write this post but here I am, ready to give away my pie crust secret. Why? Maybe I've found transparency is queen in my new 34 year old self. I used to think pie crust was the easiest thing to make, everyone must know how to make it, but then again, I used to think a lot of things that have been swiftly disproven.