Sailing the Bakery
Traveling with few plans, baking with few recipes


We are Emily, Kai, and Reverie. We travel the world on our Saga 43 sailboat currently named Free Spirit, although we're renaming it soon. We like to explore, hike, bike, eat, bake, sail, and practice sustainable, small space living. 

I have been baking my whole life, and Kai has been sailing (or wanting to be sailing) his whole life. Our previous adventure was sailing our 32 foot boat on Lake Superior in Minnesota and Wisconsin. After years of only sailing in the summer months of the midwest (which are spectacular yet brief), we decided to try our skills on the ocean, on a bigger boat, full time. We've sold most of our belongings that don't file under the "boat" category and crammed the rest onto the boat. 

Prior to moving to a boat, I worked as a Lactation Consultant (I still have the knowledge and credentials if you have any lactation questions), and Kai continues his work as a web developer remotely. 

I write about sailing and baking. In preparing for our journey I found a lot of the information, recipes, and writings on food provisioning included food items that I didn't want to eat, nor did I want my family to eat. Lots of recipes call for items loaded with preservatives and other things that I normally don't cook with. I realize the point of these "ingredients" is to keep food lasting longer when we're far from fresh food sources. Don't get me wrong, they definitely have a place and we have some of these food items aboard, but living on a boat shouldn't mean we have to cook simple, salty (pun intended), packaged meals all the time. This blog will hopefully document my journey into baking and cooking aboard while traveling and improving my craft along the way. 

Don't forget to follow me on Instagram @sailingthebakery and feel free to contact me with any comments or inquiries you may have! Hope your day is filled with adventure and pastries!