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We Have some Exciting News!

We Have some Exciting News!

We're really excited to share some non-sailing/baking related news with you! We're starting a new company: Twig Marine! We've been hard at work like we did 12 years ago when Kai and I met through starting a business together. Makes me nostalgic, but I digress...

We're still working on the website and pricing BUT...

Twig is an online marine, boat, outdoors product website geared toward sailors and boaters alike. We are working on having one of the best search features in the industry AND we'll be featuring reviews from sailing and marine professionals. That's right, you'll get firsthand knowledge and advice from the people with many miles under their keels! 

Every order placed on Twig Marine supports our adventures and yours. We're working really hard on making a unique shopping experience with stellar prices but we need your help! 

We simply cannot do this without your support, so please check out the website Twig Marine and maybe even order something (but check with us first if you think the pricing is wrong, because we're still working on it!) When you sign up for our email list. You'll get free shipping on your first order!

Other ways you can help:

  • Tell everyone you know about Twig Marine! Share via your Instagrams, Twitters, Facebooks, Marinas, Yacht Clubs, blogs, forums, water-coolers, etc. We offer discounts to those who support us via social media/websites. 
  • Like Twig Marine on Facebook and Instagram
  • Provide a review of one of our products: if you have a product you love or hate, let us know and we'll feature your review on the product's page of our website. We'll give you a discount code to use on your next order. 
  • Give us suggestions! Seriously!