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Hear Me on the Radio!

Hear Me on the Radio!

You may have heard me in real time if you live in rural Maine and listen to daytime radio, or if you’re my mom. But if you didn’t, here’s an archive of the Boat Talk episode in which I joined Alan Sprague and Mike Joyce to talk about boats and sailing and baking! It’s been awhile since my radio days in college but it felt great to be on the airwaves again! I figured I better show up with some goodies so I brought these ginger molasses cookies and cookie muffins (recipe coming soon!). 

Seriously, three of my favorite things are boats, baking, and talking so I was excited to be a part of the show! Thanks to the Boat Talk crew and to WERU for being a wonderful community radio station in Maine!

Listen to the whole show and other episodes here: Boat Talk May 2019