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What’s in My Galley UPDATED!

What’s in My Galley UPDATED!

It’s no surprise that our galley is smaller than a traditional land kitchen. Granted, in all the places I’ve lived, it’s not the smallest one, and it’s certainly more efficient than many I’ve used.

I grew up watching infomercials for kitchen gadgets on Saturdays. Some kids were there for the cartoons. I was there to see all the uses for a George Foreman grill and twenty kinds of vegetable peelers. Contrary to this childhood obsession, I’m kind of a minimalist although I don’t even all the items I want to have aboard (I see you Vitamix). But, what I do have has a reason and function for being there, and most importantly, a storage spot. I won’t bore you with everything we have in the galley because most of it is just what any normal kitchen has but less of it or smaller varieties. Here’s my basic list of what we have in our galley (*note, this post contains affiliate links that help us continue sailing. I’m not a spokesperson for any one item, I just know what I like and want to direct you to the things I’m describing). Also note how many things are “stolen” from my mom’s kitchen! Thanks mom!


  • Instant Pot (I have the Duo Evo Plus but it's been replaced with the Pro) Either way, you want the one with the Premium Inner Pot that is able to go on the stovetop. Bonus, it's Induction friendly!
  • Inverter Microwave: Twig came with a microwave built in and we thought about taking it out and making a cupboard but behind it was raw fiberglass so we kept the microwave and are glad we did now that we are all electric! We have an inverter microwave that gives more precision in temperatures but on a boat this is key because rather than alternating from full power to no power like regular microwaves do to "control temperature" it adjusts the actual wattage so that if we have other power draws we don't overload the inverter.
  • Induction Stovetop/hob with ZONES. We have a Siemens EX375FXB1E which we bought in Portugal so it's 230V/EU style but they have similar products in other countries. Also, Bosch makes the exact same hob...they all come from the same factory, with different brand stamps on them.
  • Caso Steam Convection Electric oven. We mainly chose this based on size and features. It does a really great job with bread and rewarming day old bread to make it crispy again. We may replace it in the future but for now it's a fine oven and has lots of the features I wanted.

Pots and Pans and such:

  • 1 small saucepan
  • 1 larger saucepan
  • 2 Lodge cast iron skillet pans (one 10”, one 8”). In all honesty I probably could due with just the lid from the dutch oven below, and the 8” but I’ve had my 10” for years and we go everywhere together.
  • 1 Lodge cast iron Dutch oven (for sourdough and soup alike! And the lid doubles as a pan) Note, I actually don't have this anymore due to lack of space when we purchased the Instant Pot but if we didn't have a steam convection oven, I'd consider having it again. It was really heavy though and Twig has to stay svelt!
  • 1 small Airbake pan for perfect cookies (note, this doesn't fit in my oven anymore but I still keep it just in case. I have the 14" x 8" but I think they're harder to find.
  • Cooling rack
  • 6” round cake pan
  • 8” round cake pan (stolen from mom’a kitchen)
  • 8” x 8” square glass pyrex pan (for making mini lasagnas and lemon bars, etc) (Also stolen from moms kitchen)
  • Silicone springform pan*Note I don't have this anymore either due to space, but I would if I had more space because it's key for certain types of cheesecakes and mousse-type desserts.
  • Silicone muffin cups (take up less room than a muffin tin! My newest favorite thing!)
  • 3 pie dishes of various sizes and depths (because you never know what size pie you’ll need!)


  • Small rubber spatula
  • Collapsible cheese grater
  • My favorite spatula (stolen from mom)
  • Mini salad tongs
  • A cheese knife (seriously every kitchen needs this)
  • My mom’s icing spatula
  • A wooden pie serving spatula
  • Various wooden spoons
  • Chef and bread knife, I have a soft spot for this one in a special size of 7" which is hard to find!
  • Hand mixer/egg beater (for whipping cream and mixing cakes)
  • Rolling pin (I have a handmade one from my aunt but it's similar to this one)



  • Immersion blender: Great for smoothies, hummus, and soups!
  • Pyrex Glass storage containers. A lot of people don’t do glass on a boat, but I just can’t do that much plastic in my life.
  • Small pasta strainer with handle to hang on galley sink: makes it easy to drain pasta while underway
  • Silicone baking sheets in various sizes (great for prepping dough with easy cleanup as well as baking on
  • Reusable egg carton
  • Stove top waffle maker: read more about this here
  • Stove top toaster (I actually rarely use this as I opt for the cast iron pan method)
  • CO2 setup for bubbly water
  • Freezer! Lots of boats don’t have this but I find it key for being able to expand our food repertoire
  • Microwave: See it in the above photo. Also another optional thing, and honestly we almost took ours out before finding it was built in with unfinished fiberglass behind it (read: easier to leave it in). However, that said I’m really glad we left it on as we do use it, especially after adding a 3000 watt inverter and a 5 kilowatt alternator.
  • And finally, my most used tool, our oven, a Force 10, 4 burner oven/stove. Ideally/eventually we’ll replace it with a induction cooktop and convection (electric) oven so that we can free up space that is currently used for propane tanks as well as be more renewable…but all that requires a battery upgrade: Lithium!

Writing it out makes it seem like a lot of things in the galley, but I try to keep it low key and focus on the food and not the tools! What am I missing? What should I have? What do you have that you couldn’t live without?