Provisioning for the Bahamas: What Worked, What Didn’t.

Since this is a food + sailing blog, I figure I better produce some fascinating content about provisioning for sailing. Keep in mind all sailing, all sailors, and all boats are different. Different boats will have diffeeent types of storage options and if you’re like us, the boat is half tools, half food. Also keep in mind that I'm no expert, this is just what I've learned so far and serves more as a reminder to myself for future provisioning more than anything. 

Selling Myself Short, and an Update!

For as long as I can remember my mother has been telling me, “don’t sell yourself short.” She has mostly meant this in a “be confident,” “you’re focusing on the negatives instead of the positives,” or other encouraging way, and mostly when I’m in the grips of holding myself to impossibly high standards. I do this. Kai does this. And now, Rev does this, because she has little genetic material to lead her elsewhere. 

Sourdough Bread

I've resurrected my sourdough routine! My last sourdough started died a quick death in the heat of May in the Bahamas last year, and oddly enough, the whole time we were in northern latitudes and out of the heat (I mean really out of it, as it was really cold), I didn't make a new one! I'm kind of disappointed in myself that I didn't keep it up, but we were obviously busy with other things. 

Sitting Still in Annapolis

Annapolis during boat show time is like summer camp for cruisers. It seems everyone we knew was passing through and all the sailing celebrities were in town. We met countless new people and ran into “old” sailing friends. I say old because the sailing community gets to know each other quickly and the common bond of safely maneuvering and maintaining a vessel in the mighty ocean makes for fast friends. 

Flax Challah Braid

Ever since my sourdough starter died of heat and humidity, I've resorted to making yeast breads in my laziness. I could quite easily have a sourdough starter while we're in cooler climates, but I guess I've been more excited to do some experimenting on easier, quicker breads to be made while sailing or whenever the bread bug tickles our fancy. 

Apple Upside Down Cake

This is one of the easier cakes you can make and easiest things to make with apples. It's easy enough to make on a boat, underway (be careful cutting the apples) and will cheer up any crew at the end of the day. It would be well suited for long passages as apples keep for a long time and the recipe doesn't knock out your whole supply of apples like an apple pie might. It's so easy, Rev made it with little help from me. Read: this was our homeschool lesson for the day!

Perfect Biscuits

I have to admit, when I thought of living on a boat, one of my early thoughts was making biscuits. Growing up in the north, in my family, biscuits were something that you peeled out of a pressurized can with a certain doughboy on the front. Fighting about who had the honor of "bursting" the can was most of the biscuit excitement.